IMPULSE: PLAYING WITH REALITY is a groundbreaking Mixed Reality (MR) experience that playfully explores what it means to live with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).



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What happens in your mind when you act without thinking?

The impulse begins in the brain. Where sensory inputs set off a chain reaction that leads to all sorts of mayhem. Can you slow down triggers? On the journey meet four hot heads whose lives are at a crossroads. After decades of rash decision making something is about to profoundly change them. A diagnosis.

Reflecting on our own interactions as well as diverse life stories and perspectives, we discover the different ways in which ADHD can affect people and consider how systems around us could change to make space for us all.

Impulse: Playing with Reality (2024) is a mixed reality interactive story about the reality of ADHD, from the violent surges to the emotional fall out, as well as the outsider status so many are left with. Through learning to tune into the frequencies of these characters to decode the patterns in their lives you might come to see something about your own way of thinking.

Following on from the award-winning Goliath (2021), Impulse is part of the of the Playing with Reality collection where immersive technology is used to take people into the first-hand experience of different mental health conditions, questioning what we understand about these conditions and reflecting on how individually we perceive our shared reality.

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