IMPULSE: PLAYING WITH REALITY is a 40-minute interactive mixed reality documentary about how you make sense of the world around you, told through the stories of four people who are coming to terms with the decisions which have chartered their lives.



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What makes ideas real?

Exploring the extreme side of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Impulse brings together sharp-witted gameplay and dramatic first-hand accounts of people whose intense emotions lead them to a life at the edge. Leanne turns her world into a game to escape boredom. Omar’s chaotic mind focuses on mastermining risky heists. Errol creates a madcap persona to get respect. And Tara is on the brink – of giving up.

Their stories are brought home through mixed reality. Attempting to follow a train of thought, the stuff in your room sets off a chain reaction leading to all sorts of mayhem. Shadows on your walls become portals into labyrinthine worlds. Words spiral out into alternative meanings and possibilities.

Highlighting the inner life of ADHD, and the often-dismissed experience of the quiet girls, Impulse focuses on the thrill of acting without thinking and the power of uncovering your own patterns.

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